Consider a class where you learn how to make recipes that spark metabolism and energy. It’s like being in a Naturopathic classroom In other cooking classes you can learn unhealthy practices. Not here!

Thai . Moroccan . Greek . Indian . Aussie . Aztec . Mexican
Palaeolithic . Mediterranean . Vegetarian . Spanish . Gluten Free . Anti Ageing . Specialised Diets . Turkish . Incan . Tibetan Cuban . Healthy Pizza & Burgers . Quinoa Super Class . Kosher

Paul was recently paid the highest compliment in class “Your Mexican food is better than in Mexico” Mary Joan, who had just returned from travelling Mexico. June 2013

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Private and Corporate Master Classes. Australia’s ONLY Cooking Class based on Naturopathic priciples! 
You choose the menu style you want then book your own time and date.

Healthy CATERING & cocktail services also available for smaller groups/meetings/parties … Team building corporate cooking challenges. Corporate Clients include: Chevron . Gorgon . Clough . Briscoe Search . Red Cross . WA GOVT . Affordable Living . Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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One on One nutritional cooking/coaching/catering by appointment. Low cost – Theory Seminar – Bookings available. In board room lunch classes.

Your presenter Paul Werndly has over 16 years experience in Lecturing in Perth Colleges in Food as Medicine and developing his own unique recipes! He is the Only MedicinoCulinary Cook in Australia.

How Can I Book my own class?

click email the email address above – or  – sms/phone Paul directly to express your interest … negotiate your preferred time/date … then fix up the attendance fee which confirms your booking … its that simple!

Paul’s mobile phone number - 0403 798 793

Gift of Health Certificates available.

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Cooking with Herbs and Spices

Learning to cook without considering healthy aspects is akin to learning to fly without considering safety aspects!

Learn the 24 Commandments of healthy cooking. The recipes are made right in front of you, with explanations of why we are doing  each and every step .. and why we are NOT doing certain cooking-techniques. Step by Step instruction.

A good cooking class instructor should always give some samples to try. If their dishes are healthy and extremely tasty, then they surely know what they are talking about. Actually Paul’s recipes are well reknowned and will delight your palate! Simple . Healthy . Delicious .

Any cooking school presenter should be aware of the 24 commandments of Naturopathic Food – Cooking – Recipe Preparation – Food Combining – Medicinal Principles. Otherwise you may be learning how to ‘become unhealthy’. And really, who wants to learn how to put on weight or become tired?

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Cooking Classes Perth are packed full of info and superior ways to expand your use of natural ingredients. At the Cooking Classes Perth the lessons and recipes are based on Naturopathic principles  – which means ingredients under go near zero processing and contain no artificial additives, flavourings, colourings or other chemicals.

Everyone knows that whole foods are much healthier than refined ingredients, but how do you cook with them in uncomplicated, delicious ways?  Here is the answer to cooking a delicious, uncomplicated selection of  over 150 ORIGINAL RECIPES!

Although organic foods are essential to a green cuisine, natural cooking is not just about the ingredients you use. Cooking naturally is also about adopting Naturopathic methods in the kitchen and the dining room. At Cooking Classes Perth – Paul’s own original recipes are displayed and the recipes are based on a culmination of his 17 years experience as a Naturopath. Once you become a Naturo Chef you will get a lot of use from his comprehensive recipes. Designed for people who want to easily incorporate healthier, natural, whole-foods into their lifestyle. Cooking naturally is surprisingly easy, modern and fresh! If you’re trying to incorporate extra whole foods into your diet, Paul’s natural style of  cooking is well worth checking out.  Rustic + Delicious!

Cooking Classes Perth – ‘Food as it was always meant to be’

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